C240 (4G) Piston 8-97176864-0 8-97176-864-0 C240 forklift engine spare parts


C240 (4G) Piston 

Model Number: C240 (3G)
Type: Piston
length: 95.5mm
diameter: 86mm
pin size: 27*72

Model No. Part Name OEM NO Model No. Part Name OEM NO
C190-3G Piston 5-12111-225-0 6SD1 Piston 1-12111-842-0
C223 Piston 8-94250-729-0   8-97176-590-2 6SD1-T Piston 1-12111-960-0
4JA1C Piston 8-97089-892-0   8-94369-892-0  8-94652-892-0 6HE1 Piston 8-94396-887-0   5-12111-837-0
4JA1 Piston 8-97176-598-0   8-94152-712-1  8-94369-281-0 6HE1-T Piston 5-12111-192-3
4JB1 Piston 8-94433-177-0   8-97176-604-0 8-94152-711-0 6HE1-T Piston 5-12111-688-3   8-94391-596-1
4JB1-new Piston 5-12111-622-2   8-97176-606-0 6HE1-T Piston 8-94394-418-1
4JB1/T Piston 8-97176-610-0   8-97940-221-0 4HF1 Piston 5-87813-391-0   8-97176-656-0
4JB1/T Piston 8-94340-620-2 4HG1 Piston 8-97183-666-0   8-97219-032-0
4JG1 Piston 8-67941-314-0 4HG1 Piston 8-97219-032-0   8-97221-484-0
4JG2 Piston 8-94152-621-0 6HH1 Piston 5-12111-950-0
4BD1 Piston 5-12111-242-1 6HH1 URO Piston 8-97600-242-0
6BD1 Piston 5-12111-325-1   1-12111-775-0 6HH1 Piston 8-97600-242-0   8-97600-242-1
6BD1 Piston 1-12111-325-1 6HH1 Piston 8-94391-598-0
6BD1 Piston 5-12111-068-0   5-12111-303-1 6SA1 Piston 1-12111-217-1   1-12111-514-0
6BD1 Piston 5-12111-303-1   1-12111-777-0 10PD1 Piston 1-12111-804-0
6BD1-T Piston 1-12111-3251 10PD1 Piston 1-12111-806-0
6BB1 Piston 5-12111-068-0 6SD1 Piston 1-12111-569-0   1-12111-591-0
6BB1 Piston 1-12111-739-0   5-12111-013-0 5-12111-013-0 6SD1 Piston 1-12111-651-1
6BG1 Piston 1-12111-377-4 6SD1-T Piston 1-12111-555-0
6BG1-3RING Piston 1-12111-626-0 6HK1 Piston 8-98152-901-0
6BG1-4RING Piston 1-12111-574-0 10PE1 Piston 1-12111-676-0   9260
6BG1-T Piston 1-12111-435-0 10PE1 Piston 1-12111-813-0   6780
4BE1 Piston 8-94438-989-1 6WF1 Piston 1-12111-943-0
4BE1 Piston 8-94458-116-0  4BC2 Piston 5-12111-230-4
4BE1 Piston 8-94438-989-1 6HE1-T Piston 8-94394-418-1
4HG1 Piston 8-97183-666-0   8-97219-032-0 4HF1 Piston 5-87813-391-0   8-97176-656-0
6SD1 Piston 1-12111-842-0 4HG1 Piston 8-97183-666-0   8


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